SDN and Gartner’s Hype Cycle

Many years ago Gartner introduced their technology Hype Cycle, which maps visibility against maturity for new technology. The Hype Cycle in essence states that many new technologies get a large amount of visibility early in their maturity cycle. The visibility and enthusiasm drops significantly when reality sets in: technologies early in their maturity cycle will […]

Timing technological change: creation vs. consumption

In any space, there is a very small vocal minority. Most people lack the time, interest, or even confidence to say what they think in public. So we are left with a vocal few who drive the conversation. In networking, the vocal minority consists mainly of the vanguards for change. For these people, the network […]

Controller federations: Cluster by proximity or service?

As SDN moves closer to large-scale deployments, the issue of controller scaling is becoming a hotter topic. The consensus seems to favor some form of distributed cluster environment, likely in the form of federated clusters. But how should these federations be formed? The first thing to think about is the blast radius for controllers. Even […]

SDN: Capability or Context?

Why is it that the definition of SDN continues to get debated? I think the definition of SDN remains a bit squishy. And while I am not entirely certain that it matters (people shouldn’t be buying SDN; they should be building networks), it is an interesting phenomenon, and understanding it better could help with the […]

Dijkstra the SDN Prophet: Programs vs. Machines

As I was writing my blog entry for today, a colleague (Nils Swart) sent me an email with a 30-page attachment – a handwritten paper penned by the Dutch computer scientist Edsger Dijkstra (famous for his contributions to distributed computing, and some algorithms that might be important to you if you are in the networking […]

Short T’s

There’s been a lot of hullaboo in the last few years about the current cycle of disruption in IT:  Public Cloud, Private Cloud, SDN, DevOps, Everything-as-a-Service… the list goes on and on and every vertical, every field, and every niche is feeling the churn.  Every day there is no shortage of opinions “for” and “against” […]

5 Networking Thank You’s and Turkeys

Everyone and their mother does a light blog before the holidays. US Thanksgiving lends itself well to Thank You's and Turkeys. Here are my top five of each: Cisco – A big thank you goes out to Cisco for changing the industry dialogue to something that puts applications first. You can debate hardware vs. software, […]

The Future of IT Infrastructure: Controllers of controllers?

One of the central tenets of software-defined networking (SDN) is the notion of separated control and forwarding planes. Architecturally, this separation manifests itself in most solutions through an SDN controller. Accordingly, as companies work through their SDN product strategies, they have to determine what role the SDN controller plays in their solution. There are three […]

Closing the bio gaps in networking

It is no surprise to anyone that everything in IT these days is very cost conscious. It could be that your IT organization is run as a cost center, in which case the primary metrics all revolve around cost and schedule. Or it could be that IT is a direct part of your revenue stream, […]