After cheap, what is important for cloud services?

Amazon is indisputably the biggest name in cloud service providers. They have built up a strong market presence primarily on the argument that access to cheap compute and storage resources is attractive to companies looking to shed IT costs as they move from on-premises solutions to the cloud. But after the initial push for cheap […]

Bare metal switching, pricing, and the impacts on resellers

Most people in the IT space understand the trend towards bare metal everything (servers, switches, etc.). The movement to commodity hardware drives down costs in infrastructure where price is disproportionately determined by the cost of hardware. While most of the industry dialogue is around price, there are strategic implications of this movement that extend well […]

Cisco’s less publicized switching strength

There’s a lot of talk in the switching space about both price (driven by bare metal switching) and capability (spawned from the rise of SDN). Around these topics, there is a lot of conjecture about how the competitive landscape will play out. Some argue about margins and business models. Others talk about the incumbents’ ability […]

Networking: CapEx, OpEx, and… In-App Purchases?

From a cost perspective, the networking dialogue is dominated by CapEx. Acquisition costs for new networking gear have historically been tied to hardware, and despite the relatively recent rise of bare metal switching, networking hardware remains a high-stakes business. But SDN is changing this dynamic in potentially significant ways. The first point to clarify when […]

Cisco Classic, Cisco ACI, Arista, and Dual Vendor Strategies

That networking gear is expensive is not really a new phenomenon. SDN and bare metal switching have kicked the industry dialogue about cost up a notch, but this has obviously been a focal point for networking buyers for years. And even though things like merchant silicon and software can help drive networking costs down, the […]

Wall Street Journal: AT&T to cut billions in spend with Domain 2.0

There was an article written by Thomas Gryta in Monday’s Wall Street Journal discussing AT&T’s Domain 2.0 vendor list. The article is behind a pay wall, so I won’t quote liberally from it here, but the major takeaways were these: AT&T is looking to cut billions in infrastructure purchases by expanding the vendors from whom […]

Vendor lock-in: Wrap-up and practical considerations

Over the past couple of weeks, I have posted a number of blogs on vendor lock-in: Vendor lock-in and making progress: mutually exclusive? A Tale of Two Pities: A cautionary look at vendor lock-in Vendor lock-in: Everyone is complicit, no one is a victim The hidden lock-in Boogeyman: the surrounding systems I want to use […]

Sorting through the SDN players

As we look a bit more at the commoditization arguments and realize that a pricing shift is afoot, it becomes interesting to see how the industry will fare if there are wholesale pricing changes.

Will SDN drive commoditization or just change the pricing mix?

In the last post, I suggested that there is something more than commoditization driving SDN. Truth be told, I am not personally convinced commoditized networking solutions are a foregone conclusion. But the nuance here is that I used the word ‘solutions’ and not ‘hardware’. Everyone and their dog has written about the ability of SDN […]