PlexxiPulse—Simply A Better Network

As enterprises move from experimentation to full-fledged deployments of Big Data, supporting networks need to have the capabilities to support increased bandwidth. Our CEO, Rich Napolitano spoke with CRN’s Meghan Ottolini on this very subject recently. Rich explains how Plexxi’s architecture is designed to scale out to accommodate the next era of technology applications. See […]

PlexxiPulse—Leading the pack

This week, Facebook announced a new modular switch called the “6-pack,” which builds off of The Wedge (Facebook’s innovative piece of networking equipment announced last June.) The development of the “6-pack” comes on the heels of a relatively new white box movement within the networking industry where generic, off-the-shelf switching and routing hardware is used […]

Plexxi Pulse—Networking Predictions: 2015 Edition

Happy New Year! The year is off to a great start and we are excited to see what 2015 will bring to the networking space. I have a few predictions of my own (think policy and disaggregation) that were recently published in Network World. What are your networking predictions for 2015? Below are our top […]

PlexxiPulse—Conversations on the SDN “Technique Churn”

Ethan Banks (@ecbanks) initiated an interesting Twitter conversation last weekend by claiming that the constant “technique churn” within organizations that utilize SDN and NetOps is doing the networking industry a disservice. Banks feels that ever-changing frameworks make it nearly impossible to thoroughly understand new technologies. Our own Mike Bushong (@mbushong) took a deep dive into […]

Plexxi Pulse—The Importance of Visiting Customers

If you follow the Plexxi blog, you know that our own Marten Terpstra (engineer turned product manager) posts every week in his reoccurring #TerpstraThursday blog series. He is also a contributor to industry publications like SDNCentral. This week, Marten reflected on a recent visit with a customer and highlights the importance of connecting engineers with […]

Plexxi Pulse—SDN Goes to College

There is no doubt that software defined networking has the power to improve network performance on college campuses. University networks demand flexible and reliable solutions and many institutions are turning to SDN to save time, increase efficiency and reduce IT costs. A few of the articles below analyze this very opportunity. In this week’s PlexxiTube […]

Plexxi Pulse—Get Ready for VMworld

Plexxi is busy gearing up for VMworld which takes place August 24 – 28, 2014 in San Francisco. Stop by booth 747 to talk with our team, view live demos, and pick up a pair of our infamous socks! We look forward to seeing you there. Big Data fabrics enable scalability and increased control in […]

Plexxi Pulse – Looking Back and Ahead

As we embrace 2014, it’s important to focus on emerging trends to predict any industry changes this year and in the coming years. Mike Bushong reviewed 2013 on the Plexxi blog and noted important events that will likely carry into this year, including how 2013 initiated SDN deployments and marked the year Cisco moved beyond […]

Plexxi Pulse – Socks and Gartner

This week Plexxi attended the Gartner Data Center Summit in Las Vegas. The conference highlighted a variety of topics, such as cloud strategies and DevOps and IT operational excellence. Plexxi enjoyed hearing unique perspectives from industry leaders and sharing our favorite #socksofplexxi with other attendees. In our video of the week, Dan Backman explains why […]

Plexxi Pulse – Pod Switch Interconnect

Plexxi’s new Pod Switch Interconnect (PSI), a switch for data center operators  building modular pods of server racks, was profiled in TechTarget this week. Shamus McGillicuddy at TechTarget interviewed Bob Laliberte, senior analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group and me to highlight the new product in detail. In our video of the week, Dan Backman explains […]